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Quick Facts

  • Creator: Greg Lieberman
  • Location: Los Angeles
  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Price: Free
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Independent Game
  • Uses Google's Firebase and Cloud Natural Language technologies

Game Introduction

Your mission is to throw ninja stars at words! These words are sneaky and have hidden themselves in grammatically correct sentences. Use your grammar skills to find your targets, and become the ultimate ninja master!

Grammar Ninja was a labor of love. I set out to create a game whose core mechanics and educational content were tightly coupled. I wanted people to experience an educational game that was legitimately fun, and (less obviously) transformed how players think about written text. Every sentence becomes an interactive puzzle with nuances as rich and complex as the human language they are written in. Players who master the gameplay of Grammar Ninja can apply their critical thinking skills to everything they read moving forward.

Unlike most Word Games, Grammar Ninja has engaging gameplay in both English and Spanish. Support for more languages, such as French and Japanese, are under active development!





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About Magma Code LLC

Magma Code LLC was founded by Greg Lieberman, a 10-year veteran in the Games Industry. Greg has worked on more than 30 shipped titles in his career, including Café World, Empires & Allies, Pac-Man Battle Casino, Match3volution, and Dice Arena. Grammar Ninja is the culmination of Greg's ambition to build an engaging experience in the Educational Games space.

You can view Greg's entire portfolio at


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