Grammar Ninja, a novel approach to e-learning, is now available on mobile devices

Game aims to engage students in the virtual classroom

Los Angeles, California — July 1, 2020 — As quarantine restrictions continue to disrupt school systems worldwide, Independent Game Studio Magma Code LLC announced today that Grammar Ninja is available for immediate download on mobile devices. Grammar Ninja delivers a delightful word game experience that cultivates linguistic skills in both English and Spanish.

“For months, my teacher friends told me they have struggled to direct their students’ attention in a virtual classroom setting,” says Grammar Ninja creator Greg Lieberman. “As a 10-year veteran in the games industry, I knew I could engage these students with a captivating mobile game experience.”

At the core of Grammar Ninja is a tight integration of language-reasoning with gameplay. Players receive a simple directive: “Tap on the nouns in this sentence.” Each correct tap creates a burst of cherry blossoms, while incorrect taps create an explosion. When players struggle, the game highlights the correct answers, and provides direct feedback on the incorrect words.

As the levels progress, the sentences and directives become more complicated. Nouns and verbs are easy, but what about adverbs and prepositions? How much do you remember from grade school? Grammar Ninja is not afraid to challenge expert linguists, and may even surprise know-it-alls with new knowledge.

“Knowing your parts of speech will get you started,” says Grammar Ninja Creator Greg Lieberman, “but the true test of this game is practicing your parts of speech. Words like ‘volunteer’ are sometimes a noun, and sometimes a verb. It all depends on context.”

Grammar Ninja is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, in English and Spanish.

This press release contains 50 verbs, 139 nouns, and 27 adjectives. Can you find them all?

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